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Reno County Fairboard

Mission Statement

The mission of the Reno County Fair Association is to provide educational opportunities for youth and their families to showcase projects and skills, have fun, and interact with each other. 


The Fairboard Representatives 

Shala Metzger, President

Clint Lanning, Vice-President

Rosita Aldrich, Secretary

Jill Jones, Treasurer

Jenn Galloway

Ryan Blubaugh

Bailey Born

Katie Vagts

Tristen Vagts

Bret Eckert

Travis Graber

Anything 4H related please contact: Reno County Extension Staff

2 W. 10th Ave, S. Hutchinson KS 67505     Phone: 620.662.2371

Pam Paulsen, Horticulture Agent & Director 

Katherine Sundgren, 4H Youth Development 

Cindy Gehring, Office Professional 

Donna Phillips, 4H Program Assistant/Office Professional 

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